Frequently Asked Questions

What is Blockmmerce?

Blockmmerce is a decentralised marketplace.

What is Blockmmerce Stable?

Blockmmerce Stable is a stablecoin. Meaning, its price is not volatile and is not affected by the instability of the market as our goal is to create a stablecoin that will work autonomously.

What can I do with the Blockmmerce Token?

After you purchase a Blockmmerce Token, you can exchange it for Blockmmerce Stable (when it's completed) or use it in the Blockmmerce Ecosystem (when Blockmmerce 2.0).

What is the company's ethos?

Do the right thing!

Deliver your promises!

Aim high!

Make it simple!

Make it user friendly!

Have fun while doing it!

Focus on the customers and the supporters!

Why should I contribute to the Blockmmerce Ecosystem?

You will help a company create services that will aim to assist new or existing brands to sell more, and customers to find their products in better prices, pay in the currency of their choice and have fun while doing it. In addition, you will get the latest updates on our ventures (project updates and companies we add in our ecosystem) by being part of our community.

What makes Blockmmerce different from the other projects?

We focus on making a user friendly online marketplace that uses AI to create a personalised and fun shopping experience and Blockchain in order to create a more transparent ecosystem where the customers will have the ability to determine how to use their data.

How many different projects do I fund?

You fund two different projects (Blockmmerce and Blockmmerce Stable)

Why does Blockmmerce and Blockmmerce Stable need to launch and ICO?

Those two projects are going to use very advanced technology and we hope to achieve technological breakthroughs in the process of creating them. In order to do that, we need to hire a solid team of people who will assist in the process.

What is the business plan?

For the time being, the business plan keeps changing. We intend to create a peer-to-peer marketplace (Blockmmerce 1.0) while developing the infrastructure where the marketplace will eventually be migrated to (Blockmmerce 2.0). The stablecoin (Blockmmerce Stable) should be one of the last features that will be added in the Blockmmerce Ecosystem (when Blockmmerce 2.0) and will assist with easier and faster payments.

What is the purpose of the initial peer-to-peer marketplace (Blockmmerce 1.0)?

We hope to attract interest both by brands and consumers and create an organic traffic of loyal customers while innovating in the back end so we can provide the best customer experience in competitive prices and ensure the users' privacy.

Who can sell in Blockmmerce?

Anyone who can use the internet, from big brands to smaller individuals.

Where can the Blockmmerce Stable be used?

The main target is to create an alternative payment system in the Blockmmerce Ecosystem. The Blockmmerce Stable could become the main currency that is used in the platform and in the places that accept it. However, we are aware of the drastic changes this proposal brings so we are giving the chance to the people to use almost any currency they want till the Blockmmerce Stable is fully accepted and adopted.

The Blockmmerce team includes two people, should I let that discourage me?

No, the company's principles include honesty and transparency, therefore, we want to be open with our community. In addition, being a small team means that we need to recruit talents that can also be found within our community.

Does Blockmmerce depend solely on contributions from the community?

The Blockmmerce Ecosystem is a personal vision of Stavros and it is going to being built regardless the amount raised from the community. However, the more help we get, the faster we can create the Ecosystem.